Come visit us at our new Henderson and DTLA locations!

Welcome To Pinches Tacos

Nuestra casa es su casa

A photo with 2 skulls and bones and the caption "Mi Casa es su casa".

We pride ourselves in making every location unique but giving every location the same feel. Not cookie-cutter like big chain restaurants. We blend into our neighborhoods and create a place you want to call your second home!! Our doors are always open to our neighbors from their culinary needs to request for donations. As a Family every location is a branch of us, it is our "First Home".


An image of a tasty taco on a plate.

Our mission is simple, to provide you the best taco experience by using high quality meats and seafood, fresh garden vegetables, hand made tortillas and high quality artisan breads. Our father, Miguel, hand picks those ingredients every morning. We could have made it complicated but choose not to, because we have found through experience, that keeping things simple is a good recipe for success and happiness. It's also a good recipe for a pretty tasty Pinche Taco. We hope you agree.


The Anaya Family

Our History

An image of the Mexican flag with the portraits of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata superimposed.

Folklore has it that our great-uncles used to run with infamous Pancho Villa. They were his cooks or Pinches. So the story has it that every time Pancho Villa would get hungry, he would scream out "Pinche traime unos tacos!!" -- Cook, bring me some tacos -- Hence the name "Pinches Tacos".